Tigers do what?!

Tigers roar! Tigers explore! Tigers... nap? For Mom and Dad, nap time is a treat. But two little cubs think they know just what tigers do, and napping simply isn’t it!

Tigers Don’t Take Naps is written using engaging language and easy to follow devices that gently wind down the action with the protagonists to help children transition from energetic play to gentle rest. It is designed particularly for families with children of varying stages of development. As a homeschooler, many parents in my circles have multiple children, and can be overwhelmed trying to juggle studies and naps. The reading level of TDTN is designed so that even early readers can read along, helping their caregivers to put their younger siblings down for a nap, but contains use of imagery and literary devices that allow the work to be used for reading comprehension lessons simultaneously.

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"I didn't so much choose writing as have it chase me down and drag me to the keyboard despite my protestations."

Baltimore County, Maryland native Amanda Ann is what you might call a reluctant author. Originally from the Nottingham area, she grew up in the Hereford Zone in White Hall. In her younger days, people would constantly tell her, “You should be a writer.” Of course, they also said, “You should train horses for the Olympics,” and “You should go into computers.” And so, she did everything but publish her writing, because she wanted to do what she wanted when she wanted, not what anyone said she should do. She lives to be contrary, and wants to be the Diana Trent of her old age home – tearing out of the gravel drive in a bright red Porsche convertible on an adventure to right wrongs.

Finally, after years of horse riding and training, traveling with world-renowned musicians, studying sugar sculpture under Certified Master Pastry Chef Jan Bandula, and of course, building and fixing computers, Amanda Ann has become a mainstream published author with “Tigers Don’t Take Naps”. But only because she wanted to, not because she was told to. So there.

Who doesn't have a little one that thinks he/she doesn't want to nap? Perfect story for little kids who need some encouragement to take a snooze. Wonderful illustrations!

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