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Spooky story writing essentials

Even the best writers are far from mystical automata that sit down an crank out page after page of pure gold every day, and I’m not even one of the best, in my opinion. I, like so many other authors, have to get into the writing mood at times, which is not unlike getting into …

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Top 5 Unique Literary Based Costumes for 2020

Whether you choose to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve or refrain for any number of reasons, we all know what makes the holiday so popular: CANDY!!! Ahem. Let’s try that again. What makes Halloween the bee’s knees and the crow’s toes??? COSTUMES!!! (Okay, most kids would choose candy, but budding cosplayers know what butters their bread.) …

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Phobias are no fun

There are many people who cannot see the difference between healthy fear and a phobia. While there is a matter of degrees involved, phobias are more than just a strong fear.

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Delights and frights are sure to abound when Halloween prowls around

Halloween is one of my three high holies. It goes Halloween, Christmas, and St. Patrick’s Day. If you mess with them, you mess with me. In the spirit of all things creepy and spooky I though I would devote this month’s blogs to some of the eerie and terrifying things that I have encountered. First, …

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New shipment for the store!

I only had a few signed copies on hand, and those were going fast! Fortunately, more copies have arrived for me to sign. Out of every shipment to be signed, only 20 are ever available for purchase. The rest are gifts for medical facilities and doctors, libraries or educational organizations. I want to make sure …

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New month, new store!

My storefront will be opening this week with limited stock to verify functionality, but I will be allowing backorders. I will have the TDTN plushies available (pics will be up before the store goes live). **Preview of plushie body shades initially available for order. I am looking for a supplier with a wider range if …

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