Tigers Don’t Take Naps – Lesson Pack


Lesson pack covering language arts and science topics designed to accompany Tigers Don’t Take Naps.

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Have school-aged cubs or just want to learn more about tigers and reading?

As I’ve mentioned in other places, I am a homeschooler, and Tigers Don’t Take Naps was partially born from requests from moms and dads for a way to engage their older children while trying to keep their younger children on their feeding and napping schedules. But, realistically how many times can you expect an older child to completely focus on their younger siblings’ storytime for class without extra enrichment? This lesson pack includes vocabulary and an introduction to the literary devices (like alliteration)  that gently wind down the action with the protagonists to help children transition from energetic play to gentle rest. The lesson pack also includes a book report to get students thinking critically about the stories they read and a word search for related terms. Finally, for students who are either starting or are already familiar with research projects, there is a short piece on conservation statuses with questions to get them looking for answers online or at their local library.


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