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Tigers roar! Tigers explore! Tigers. . . nap? For Mom and Dad, nap time is a treat. But two little cubs think they know just what tigers do, and napping simply isn’t it! Little ones learn that even the mighty big cats get snoozy now and then.

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For children, every day is a new adventure. There is so much to do, so much to see and learn. Who wants to sleep the day away?

As caregivers, we know that all that roaring and exploring takes energy, and naps are necessary to keep little cubs on the go. But two little cubs are determined to push their limits (and test some parental patience) instead of curling up to catch forty winks.

Tigers Don’t Take Naps is written using engaging language and easy to follow devices (like a catchy refrain!) that gently wind down the action with the protagonists to help children transition from energetic play to gentle rest. It is designed particularly for families with children of varying stages of development. As a homeschooler, many parents in my circles have multiple children, and can be overwhelmed trying to juggle studies and naps. The reading level of TDTN is designed so that even early readers can read along, helping their caregivers to put their younger siblings down for nap time, but contains use of imagery and literary devices that allow the work to be used for reading comprehension lessons simultaneously. There is even a preschool/early elementary-level study guide available for free.


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